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Are you feeling a draft in the winter? Does your home get chilly and stay that way no matter how long you leave the heating on? You may have some problems with heat loss and heat transfer in the home. Even properties on the West Coast are exposed to cold weather, so it pays to look at ways of improv...

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When contractors install windows, they put a lot of extra effort into getting the size right and making sure the replacement windows are airtight. If they aren’t then bad things can happen during your installation and afterwards. Let’s take a look at how a window installation can affect the surrou...

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As a homeowner, maintaining your home with yearly cleaning, repairs, inspections, and replacements of its features can seem like a never-ending job. As much as we might dread cleaning out the rain gutters, or calling a plumber to inspect your pipes, replacing the roof, or everything else we do to ca...

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