solar structures fresno ca

Harness the Powerful Energy of the Sun

Delerio Construction of Fresno, CA constructs solar structures

Are you searching for an affordable, eco-friendly way to power your home or business? Delerio Construction LLC has the answer. Our Fresno, CA remodeling contractor can build you a solar structure that’ll host your brand-new solar panels!

This type of structure is ideal for industrial or commercial properties, as well as residential properties with a lot of land. We can build solar structures of virtually any size, so reach out to us today to harness the power of the sun.

Put your solar structure to good use with Delerio Construction

Your new solar structure doesn’t just have to sit there and take up usable space. We can build a solar structure that doubles as a parking cover, too! This is ideal for commercial properties—you can offer your employees something safe to park under. Take advantage of the sun and the shade by hiring Delerio Construction in Fresno, CA. Call 559-349-8646 today for more information.