Q: How do I know I am getting the best price?

A: We utilize Buildertrend for all our Project Management needs. With Buildertrend, not only will your project be extremely organized, it also allows us to easily send out bid requests with many contractors and receive multiple bids per trade.

Q: What about Buildertrend will keep our project organized?

A: Buildertrend keeps everything in one very easy-to-use area. It’s accessible through web browser as well as mobile devices. We’re able to create schedules, submit RFI’s, utilize daily logs, upload pictures and videos at any time, as well as link to-do lists through our schedule so you, as an owner, can see what work is being completed daily. You can also utilize the messaging feature within Buildertrend to communicate with the Project Manager or Superintendent.

Q: How often can we expect to be updated with job progress?

A: As mentioned above, we do utilize daily logs to communicate what is happening daily. However, we also provide weekly reports directly to you to make sure you are receiving all information to do with your project.

Q: We have a restaurant and we would like to keep our drive-thru open during construction, how can you make that possible?

A: Due to our experience, we understand the need to keep the drive-thru open as much as possible. We design our schedule from the beginning to maximize ‘Open’ time. Our relationship with our contractors really allows us to maximize efficiency and work to get specific aspects of the project completed at specific times. By doing this, we can prioritize the necessary work to get the drive-thru back open as quickly as possible.